Here are some interesting facts about the 2017 FTD Caregiver Conference. Thanks to all of those who attended! We hope to see you again next year. Make sure to save the date for Friday, June 8, 2018.

  • Number of people in attendance: 136
  • First time attendees: 47%
  • Returning attendees: 53%
  • Number of states represented: 9 (California, Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia)
  • Attendees who were current or past caregivers: 48%
  • Attendees who were health professionals: 13%
  • Attendees who learned about the conference from the Penn FTD Center Newsletter: 35%
  • Attendees who would recommend the Caregiver Conference to others: 99%
  • Attendees who rated the warmth and helpfulness of the Penn FTD Center Staff as “Excellent”: 92%

This was also the first Caregiver Conference for our new research coordinator, Gillian Bradley. We asked Gillian to share a few words about her experience:

“I attended my first FTD Caregiver Conference as a prospective employee of the Penn FTD Center. Originally I had hoped to simply gain exposure to the center and its employees, and to learn more information about the clinical and scientific aspects of diseases on the FTD spectrum. I pictured myself in a large auditorium, sitting still and taking notes for much of the day, memorizing facts and acronyms and medical terms for future use. However, only minutes into the conference, I was brought into open, real conversation with genuine, kind-hearted caregivers, expert scientists, and health professionals — all of whom shared the common goal of advancing our scientific understanding and providing the utmost quality of clinical care and resources for all affected by these disorders. I was inspired by the tangible sense of unity; listening to the speakers left me motivated to pursue research, as it is truly making an impact, and conversations with many caregivers left me passionate and with a softened heart.”