Are you a caregiver interested in participating in research? We’re kicking off this fall with a new and exciting opportunity for caregivers to get more involved!

Our center specializes in studying memory, language, and cognitive difficulties in patients with dementia and other related disorders. In order to better understand the nature of these disorders, we conduct a variety of neuroimaging and behavioral studies. This fall, we’re asking caregivers if they might be interested in participating as controls to help advance neurodegenerative disease research and stand in solidarity with patients and families affected.  The process is simple! After an “over-the-phone” prescreen, we’ll ask you to complete a cognitive testing battery. Then, we will ask you if you’d be interested in getting an MRI.  You can participate to whatever degree you wish, and as always, your participation is strictly voluntary. 

If you are a caregiver interested in participating as a control and are 55 years old or older, stay tuned for a call from us when you come in with your loved one for your next appointment or contact us at